Enfamil A+® Lactose Free

Designed for babies sensitive to lactose

0-12 months

The nutrition of a milk-based baby formula without lactose

Breast feeding is best for babies and is preferred whenever possible.

Enfamil A+® Lactose Free baby formula is designed for babies who are sensitive to lactose. It contains all the nutrition of a milk-based formula without the lactose.

Enfamil A+ Lactose Free:

• Contains DHA at breast milk levels* to support normal brain and eye development
• Provides lactose-sensitive babies the nutrition of a milk-based formula
• Is not recommended for babies with galactosemia

Enfamil A+ Lactose Free formula is part of Enfamil A+ Solutions™: a complete line of formulas expertly formulated for the dietary management of common feeding issues.

* Average level of DHA in worldwide breast milk is 0.32 +/– 0.22 % (mean +/– standard deviation of total fatty acids) based on an analysis of 65 studies of 2474 women.

Available In:
730 g

Concentrated Liquid
385 mL 12 pack cases

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